Call a Bike in Offenbach

Offenbach on the move

Discover Offenbach's sights like the Capitol or the Wiener Hof by bike? No problem with our Call a Bike bikes. Find out how our bikesharing in Offenbach works and where you can rent our bikes here.

Especially attractive for commuters: You can also find our Call a Bike offers in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

How it works


Register and start cycling!

Download the Call a Bike app and register with your email, mobile number and credit card. Use the map in the app to find the next available bike.


Rent via QR code scan

After successful registration, you can open any of our Call a Bikes by a simple QR code scan with the app. The lock pops open by itself. Free ride ahead!



Return your Call a Bike to a station near your destination. Park and lock it. Your ride is over. If you want to return the bike at any address in the core area, you will have to pay a small flex fee of 1€.

Our prices