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We bring customised bikesharing systems to towns and cities throughout Germany, providing modern, flexible and emission-free mobility that complements the public transport network. As part of the country's largest mobility provider, Deutsche Bahn, we always think of mobility in networked terms. With over 20 years of experience in bikesharing, we are your reliable partners for quality, reliability and unmatched expertise. We help you get your streets moving smoothly.

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Traffic calming

Urban centres are attracting growing numbers of people – residents, commuters and visitors alike. Transport systems come under pressure when lots of people want to get from A to B quickly. By adding an extra option to the mobility mix, bike hire schemes reduce congestion and noise.

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Emission-free and future-focused: bikesharing is one of the most important tools when designing the green future for towns and cities.

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Everyone knows that cycling is good for your health and well-being. A bikesharing scheme makes your town or city a more attractive place to live, work or visit.

Our system designs

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Station-based systems

Towns and cities with a station-based solution use a network of permanent stations where people can hire and return bikes. Not only is this an efficient and therefore cost-effective option, but it also gives the streetscape a visual orderliness. Users benefit from (virtual) stations that are located to reflect the main routes used by people moving through the town or city. Bike stations play a major role in enhancing intelligent mobility networks, particularly when they are located at local transport stops and long-distance railway stations.

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Free-floating systems

A free-floating system gives users the option of hiring and leaving bikes within a specially defined core area that is displayed in the system's app. This option delivers maximum flexibility and convenience. Leaving a bike outside the core area entails a service fee that covers the cost of retrieving and redistributing bikes.

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Hybrid systems

Combining the station-based and free-floating models means users can hire and return bikes at (virtual) stations as well as at the side of the road within in the core area. The system's design can be tailored to suit specific local needs. Municipal authorities can opt to deploy both options throughout their system's entire area or select specific zones where only one of the options is available. This way, you have the freedom to create a customised bikesharing system that is an ideal match for traffic flows within your town or city. Here, the great advantage is that you can easily integrate routes with lower demand, such as in residential areas and business parks, without generating high service workloads or costs.

Our references

Woman on bike in front of Hamburg harbour

StadtRAD Hamburg

StadtRAD Hamburg has been Germany's leading bikesharing system since 2009. More than 3,300 StadtRAD bikes and 20 electrically assisted cargo bikes have made a real contribution to emission-free mobility in northern Germany's largest city. Hamburg uses a station-based system that is very popular with residents and commuters. The first 30 minutes of every journey are free of charge.

Two city bikes Lüneburg park in pedestrian zone

StadtRAD Lüneburg

It's all go in Lüneburg! We work with the town's municipal authorities to operate their bikesharing scheme, which is another station-based system. It offers clear proof that bikesharing is also popular outside of major cities. The 150 or so StadtRAD bikes are the ideal addition to the town's existing public transport services. The system covers the entire town and now also includes cargo bikes, making it easy for residents to switch from cars to green mobility.

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If you're in Baden-Württemberg, you have access to 1,500 RegioRad bikes and electrically assisted bicycles at some 210 stations in Stuttgart and over 40 other municipalities surrounding the state's capital. A large catchment area and excellent links with the public transport network are the special feature that makes this station-based system so successful.

Our Bikes

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StadtRAD Hamburg vor Café
Lastenpedelec in Hamburg
StadtRAD Lüneburg auf einer Brücke
RegioRadStuttgart vor Backsteinmauer
RegioRadStuttgart als Lastenpedelec

Our service for your municipality

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What are the key traffic flows in your town/city? How many stations do you need, and where should they be located? Which bikesharing model best suits your municipality? These are just some of the issues we study so we can provide you with the best possible advice within the scope of a non-binding consulting service for infrastructure and location planning.

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Online activities

We design apps and websites that enhance the intuitive usability of your bikesharing system still further. We base our work on your design requirements and preferences. We can also provide our services via system interfaces.

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System service

Ensuring that bikes are ready available and in top condition is essential for a bikesharing system to function. Our service teams operate rolling quality assurance checks that involve bicycle maintenance and repairs in addition to the distribution of bikes to meet demand levels within the core area.

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We maintain high standards when it comes to performance transparency and the continuous improvement of our bikesharing systems. In line with this, we routinely provide you with assessments of all of your system's key performance indicators and discuss these reports with you.

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