Man and woman ride their Call a Bike bikes from the station

Call a Bike ICE Stations

From track to wheel - our flexible connection mobility

From the train station directly to the next appointment? No problem! At numerous ICE train stations you can rent a Call a Bike bike easily, flexibly and conveniently. Thus, our bike sharing service offers you the optimal interconnected mobility in addition to the train ride. In many cities such as Bremen, Heidelberg, Mannheim or Wiesbaden, our bicycles are available at the Call a Bike ICE stations. Simply download the app, register and drive off.


Arrive by train and cycle on!

We are back from the winter break: Throughout Germany you can find our Call a Bikes again at many ICE train stations.

Important: Since we are currently still in the process of renewing our Call a Bike fleet, the stations in Oldenburg, Aschaffenburg, Würzburg, Fulda, Bamberg, Erlangen and Karlsruhe are not yet back in operation. Thank you for your understanding!

How it works

Woman in front of Call a Bike station holding a smartphone

1. Register, then start cycling

Download the Call a Bike app and register with your e-mail address, mobile phone number and credit card. Use the app's map to find the location of the Call a Bike station at the ICE station.

Rent the bike via smartphone

2. Renting via app

After you register, you can unlock any of our bikes with the app, either by choosing an available bike in the map or by scanning its QR code. The lock opens with a click when you're done.

Pause your ride in the app

3. Pause

Open the app and go to your current booking. Click on the "Pause" button and press down the lock lever. If you want to end your break, go to "Continue" in the booking. The lock opens up again and you can continue cycling. Please note that the time you take a break will count as part of your travel time.

Man locks Call a Bike at a station

4. Return

Bring the Call a Bike back to its home station at the ICE train station. Park it and close the lock. Our system then ends your journey.