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Fair parking - better with consideration!

When you park your bike, please also think about people on foot who may not be as fit as you. Be considerate of other road users by observing these points.

If possible, always return your Call a Bike to a station. Only at stations is the return free of charge. Check the app to make sure you are parked at a station.

Proper parking

  • Never park bikes in front of public access points, e.g. traffic lights, stairs, exits, in front of vending machines and especially not on escape routes or guide rails for the blind.

  • Always leave enough space for wheelchairs and baby carriages on footpaths. It is better to leave your bike in a parking space on the street. This is permitted and does not disturb pedestrians.

  • Sight impaired people often use a cane to find their way along the walls of houses. Therefore, please do not park your bike against a wall.

If you have found a Call a Bike that is in the way, move it or report it to Thank you for your help!

Berlin, Cologne & Munich: return of bikes at stations only

There are no flex zones in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Please note that you will be charged a service fee of at least 10 euros if you end your ride outside a station. Stations are displayed in the app.

The Call a Bike service fee

Please note that service fees apply if you park a bike outside a station and end the rental. You can find the nearest Call a Bike station in the app.

We will inform you in the app and by text message if you end the rental outside a station. You then have 5 minutes to decide whether you want to

  • either continue the ride and park the bike at a station

  • or simply register a break in your journey.

Service fee overview for Call a Bike