Call a Bike Daypass

Would you like to use a bicycle as a stress-free and convenient way to explore Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne or Munich the next time you are in one of these cities? You can pick up a CallBike anywhere and use a day pass for flexible mobility for a flat fee.

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If you select a day pass for 24 or 72 hours, you can hire up to two bikes as many times as you want. These passes can be used for the Call a Bike, LIDL-BIKE. FordPass Bike and Hamburg's StadtRAD schemes. Whether you want to use the same bicycle or combine your two-wheeler with other forms of public transport, the choice is yours thanks to the flexible return options. You can hire, return or switch bicycles whenever you want. If you prefer using the same bike all day, you can take a break when it suits you. 

A day pass is available in every city covered by the Call a Bike system.

Daypasses are not available to anyone who already has a customer number, i.e. if you have registered to use the system. If you have a number, you instead pay the highest price for 24-hour usage in your particular pricing option.


1 bike
2 bikes
24 hours
EUR 15,00
EUR 30,00
72 hours
EUR 40,00
EUR 80,00

Your registration is automatically deactivated once the hire period ends. If you want to keep using Call a Bike after the end of a hire period, simply buy another day pass or register for the system's Basic or Comfort options. Bear in mind that you need to return bicycles correctly before the end of the relevant time period.
* Call a Bike's service charges apply during usage. Please note: In Berlin, users are charged EUR 0.50 every time they hire a bike, and this fee is returned when the bicycle is left in one of the 350 designated zones located in the city.

How Call a Bike works

If you have never used a CallBike before, we have put together some basic information about how to hire a bicycle. There are some minor differences depending on the city, so you can also look for a specific location and find out exactly how Call a Bike works there.



Hiring via app or phone

Using our app to hire a bike is very easy. Select the bicycle you want in the app, and the system then sends you a release code. Enter this on the display on the handlebars or lock to release the bike, and you're good to go. 
If you prefer, you can call our service centre to hire a bike. Type the phone number on the bicycle/display plus the number of the bike into your mobile and call the number.

Temporary stop

Take a break!

If you want to park your bike for a short while but use it again afterwards, you can simply activate the take-a-break function and your bike will remain available to you only. When you lock the bicycle, a question appears in the display asking if you want to take a break. If you select "Yes", your bicycle will not appear on the map, i.e. no other users can see it. The release code you received when you hired the bike remains unchanged, and it is still available in the app.



When you want to finish your trip, lock the bike and select "No" when the display asks if you are taking a break. And that's it – you don't need to do anything else, and the bicycle is now available to other Call a Bike users. 

Please note: The options for returning bikes and service charges for incorrectly returned bicycles vary from location to location (HamburgBerlinCologneMunichFrankfurt)