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Call a Bike in Berlin

Rolling in Berlin

You want to get from Berlin's central station to the office quickly, get to the next Späti just before closing time, or just relax and ride along the Spree? No problem! With us, bikesharing in Berlin is made easy. You can rent our bikes almost everywhere in the capital easily, comfortably and quickly. How do you do it? You can learn more about it here.

Overview of the Call a Bike service fees

Return of bikes in Berlin at stations only

There is no Flexzone in Berlin. Please note that you will be charged a service fee of at least 10 euros if you end your ride outside a station. You can find the nearest Call a Bike station in the app. You can recognize a station by the red pin.

Call a Bike News from Berlin

Call a Bike Summer Offer

Call a Bike takes you to the lakes – From 27 June 2022, Call a Bikes at S-Bahn stations in the surroundings of Berlin will be waiting for you. Simply get off the train, rent a bike and spend a relaxing day at the lake with 4 Euro discount on our daily price.

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Explore Berlin with Call a Bike

Do you already know our bike tour along the Spree? In cooperation with the S-Bahn Berlin we have designed an approx. 3-hour tour across the capital.

How it works

Woman rents Call a Bike bikes via app

Register, then start cycling

Download the Call a Bike app and register with your email, mobile number and credit card. Use the map in the app to find the next available bike.

Scan the QR code on the bike via smartphone

Rent via QR code scan

After successful registration you can open any of our Call a Bikes in the app. Select an available bike in the map or open it by QR code scan. The lock will pop open by itself.


Open the app and go to your current booking. Click on the "Pause" button and press down the lock lever. If you want to end your pause, click on "Continue" in the booking. The lock will pop up again and you can continue cycling. Please note that the time you pause will be counted as part of your ride time.

Lock the bike


Return your Call a Bike to a station near your destination. Park and lock it. Your ride is over.

Our prices

Woman parks Call a Bike

Tips for proper parking in Berlin

  • Please be considerate of others when parking and respect the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities.

  • In more and more neighborhoods, no-parking zones are being set up so that parking is only permitted on Jelbi sites and virtual stations.

  • Do not obstruct guiding strips for the blind, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

  • Please park parallel to the curb and keep at least 2.30 m of sidewalk width clear. If the sidewalk is too narrow, please find another parking space.

  • Keep intersections, pedestrian areas, greenways, access points and driveways clear.

  • Stay 15 meters away from streetcar and bus stops.

  • You can report wrongly parked vehicles at any time at jelbi.de/report.