StadtRAD Hamburg

You can use Hamburg's StadtRAD system to explore the city quickly, easily and inexpensively. You can find bike stands at prominent locations throughout Hamburg. From April on you'll even find e-cargo-bikes which open up so many more possibilities, from a big weekend shopping trip to a family outing in the city's green surroundings.

The first 30 minutes are always free, so short StadtRAD trips cost you nothing. If you need a bike for longer, they cost EUR 0.10 per minute, or EUR 15 for a full day. However, if you have a BahnCard or are a customer of the city's HVV transport association, you only pay EUR 0.08 per minute.

If you're planning a trip to Hamburg and you would like to get to know the city and put slow traffic, noise and crowded trains behind you, get more information on our daypass for tourists.

How StadtRAD Hamburg works


Hiring bikes...

There are several ways to hire a StadtRAD bike.

...using the app
The StadtRAD Hamburg app shows you available bikes in your vicinity. Select a bike, then click the "Rent" function and tap the display to unlock the bike. You can now press the red button to open the bike's integrated lock. All you have to do then is pull out the station lock on the right, and off you go!

...using the keyring fob
Tap the display and hold the fob up to it. You can now unlock a StadtRAD bike as described above. It is also still possible to select a bike by using the fob as identification at the terminal. phone
Call the number on the display and include the 5-digit bike ID number, then confirm that you want to hire a bike. Automatic call recognition must be activated on your phone to use this method.

Temporary stops

Want a break? No problem

If you want to take a break without returning your bike to a station, just use the lock on the rear wheel to immobilise it and select "Yes" on the display to confirm that you are taking a break. The display then shows you are in pause mode, and your personal unlocking code appears briefly. To get going again, use this code to unlock the bike and then press the red button on the lock. You can also find the unlocking code in your personal data on the app.

Please note: make sure you are not near a bike station when taking a break. We recommend being least 30 metres from a terminal, otherwise your bike might accidentally register itself as returned.


Ending journeys

Find an available post at a station and press the red button to close the bike lock. You can now insert the lock on the parking post. The system automatically registers your bike's return and shows a brief confirmation message on the display. If there are no available posts, simply lock the bike at the station.