Bikesharing with Call a Bike

As a nationwide service from Deutsche Bahn, Call a Bike is one of the largest and most successful bikesharing systems in Germany. You can enjoy flexible and comfortable two-wheeled mobility whenever you need it thanks to our fleet of over 13,000 bikes. They are available for hire in 80 towns and cities across Germany. Whether you're going to work, making plans for your leisure time or heading to a party, Call a Bike is always there for you.

Product Update

The wheel turns at Call a Bike!

Our new bikes have been bringing two-wheeled freedom to your streets since our update on 30 November 2021. The new world of Call a Bike has so much to offer – more fun, a simpler hiring process, a new lock and a whole lot more besides.

How it works


1. Register, then start cycling

Download the Call a Bike app and register with your e-mail address, mobile phone number and credit card. Use the app's map to find the nearest available bike.


2. Hiring via QR code

After you register, you can unlock any of our bikes just by scanning its QR code with the app. The lock opens with a click when you're done.


3. Returning

Return your Call a Bike to a station near your destination. Park it and close the lock. Our system then ends your journey. We charge a small flex fee of EUR 1 if you want to leave the bike at a street junction in the core area.


Bikesharing in your city

Find Call a Bike near you.

We operate under the name of RegioRadStuttgart in Stuttgart and its surroundings, and we're called StadtRAD Hamburg and StadtRAD Lüneburg in Hamburg and Lüneburg.

In all other cities, we will be back from our winter break in the next few weeks. You can see where we are currently available in your app.

Our prices

Whether for the daily commute, a city trip or spontaneous excursions on the weekend - with us everyone will find the right rate!

Our new rates will apply to all new registrations from 12 April 2022. The old tariffs remain valid for existing customers.

Do you have any more questions?

We have all the answers.

How do I register?

Download our Call a Bike app to your smartphone and follow our registration guide. The entire process only takes a moment. Authentication requires just a few items of information such as your phone number.

How do I pay the fee?

Call a Bike makes things easy: you can pay by credit card.

How do I report a damaged bike?

Just use the Call a Bike app to report any damage to your bike. Go to the menu at the bottom of the screen and tap "Damage". Enter the number of the damaged or defective bike – it only takes a second. Send us your location so that we can dispatch our service team quickly. Thanks for the help!

How do I return a bike?

Close the lock on the rear wheel of the bicycle by pushing the red bolt down. Our system then ends your journey automatically. We charge a flex fee of EUR 1 if you leave your bike somewhere other than a station.

How do I find the nearest station?

Finding your nearest station is easier if you let the Call a Bike app track your location. The app's map will then be able to show you the nearest station so you can pick up a bike or return one without having to pay a flex fee.

What can I do if I have found a Call a Bike?

Unfortunately, due to vandalism, our bikes are lost from time to time. If you discover a bike from us outside the core area or in no-parking zones, in ditches, bushes or in other unusual places, please send us an e-mail to

So we can collect them and hopefully repair them again.

Thank you very much for your help!