Mobility solutions for your business with Call a Bike

Green mobility for your company

Being a business partner of Deutsche Bahn's bikesharing service Call a Bike is great – you give your employees mobility and strengthen your brand into the bargain. As a subsidiary of Germany's largest mobility provider, we have over 20 years of experience in our field. Quality, reliability and a strong customer focus are the hallmarks of our service. Our mobility solutions are always integrated into a larger context, and we would welcome the chance to work with you on setting something in motion – sustainably, of course!

Call a Bike – more than bikesharing

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For a strong employer brand

Sustainability and flexibility are becoming more important in our personal and professional lives. Give your employees something they really want in the form of green mobility that is good for the environment as well as for their personal wellbeing.

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For a great environmental footprint

Bikes are unbeatably green. No other means of transport has lower CO2 emissions and such a positive overall impact on your environmental profile.

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For a healthier lifestyle

Cycling isn't just fun: it keeps you fit. Your employees will enjoy the health benefit that Call a Bike brings. Scores of studies show that physical activity on the way to work leads to fewer sick days.

Our products

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The Call a Bike Business flat rate

For getting to work, use during business trips or as an employee benefit: your employees can have a bike at their disposal starting from just EUR 0.50 per user and month. Our offers are based on what your needs are and where your offices are.

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The Call a Bike fleet

Use our bikes as your own company fleet. Based on the size of your company's premises and workforce, we will supply you with the appropriate number of bicycles and install hiring stations. If Call a Bike is already present in the town or city where your company is based, we can create an additional station specifically for your premises.

Visible in the city with our co-branding: Your brand message!


Co-branding with us makes it easier for you to spread your brand message. We give you the ultimate advertising opportunity, because wherever people are, Call a Bike is there too, waiting to be used by your potential customers. Panels mounted on our high-quality bikes are the ideal location for slogan, logos and hashtags.

Our business partners

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About Call a Bike

Call a Bike is Deutsche Bahn's nationwide bike-sharing service – and one of the largest and most successful in Germany. Already one million customers use our 13,000 rental bikes - recognizable by the red ICE stripe - in 80 cities at a total of about 1,300 stations. Join us, saddle up and become part of the Call a Bike family!

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