Surrounded by steep hills, southwest Germany's biggest city has a welcome surprise in store for RegioRadStuttgart users: not only does the RegioRadStuttgart fleet include conventional bikes, but there are also pedelecs with electric motors that help you tackle tough inclines. 

To use RegioRad in Stuttgart, register here on the website or via the app. You pay EUR 1 at the start of every half-hour period. The good thing about RegioRadStuttgart: you can rent and return the bikes in all participating cities. If you want a bit more power for your trip around town, use a RegioRad-Pedelec. These pedelecs cost EUR 0.10 per minute, or max. EUR 16.00 for 24 hours. 

Where to find RegioRadStuttgart

  • Aalen
  • Backnang
  • Böblingen
  • Ditzingen
  • Eislingen/Fils
  • Freiberg am Neckar
  • Gerlingen
  • Kernen im Remstal
  • Leinfelden-Echterdingen
  • Leonberg
  • Ludwigsburg
  • Polchingen
  • Rechberghausen
  • Renningen
  • Rutesheim
  • Sachsenheim
  • Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Stuttgart
  • Urbach
  • Wäschebeuren
  • Weinstadt
  • Winterbach
  • Wolfschlungen

How RegioRadStuttgart works



There are several ways to hire a RegioRad bike.

...using the app
The RegioRadStuttgart app shows you available bikes in your vicinity. Select a bike, then click the "Rent" function and tap the display to unlock the bike. You can now press the red button to open the bike's integrated lock. All you have to do then is pull out the station lock on the right, and off you go!

...using the polygoCard
Tap the display and hold the polygoCard up to it. You can now unlock a RegioRad bike as described above. It is also still possible to select a bike by using the polygoCard as identification at the terminal. phone
Call the number on the display and include the 5-digit bike ID number, then confirm that you want to hire a bike. Automatic call recognition must be activated on your phone to use this method.


Temporary stops

f you want to take a break without returning your bike to a station, just use the lock on the rear wheel to immobilise it and select "Yes" on the display to confirm that you are taking a break. The display then shows you are in pause mode, and your personal unlocking code appears briefly. To get going again, use this code to unlock the bike and then press the red button on the lock. You can also find the unlocking code in your personal data on the app.

Please note: make sure you are not near a bike station when taking a break. We recommend being least 30 metres from a terminal, otherwise your bike might accidentally register itself as returned.

Returning bikes

Returning bikes

Find an available post at a station and press the red button to close the bike lock. You can now insert the lock on the parking post. The system automatically registers your bike's return and shows a brief confirmation message on the display. If there are no available posts, simply lock the bike at the station.

There are also virtual stations without posts. Just place the bike within the blue frame and close the bike lock.



You can reserve a RegioRad (Pedelec) for up to 45 minutes. Choose a bike in the app and click on "reserve". Arrived at the station open your current bookings in the app and confirm your reaservation by clicking on "rent". Now, tap on the display and open the bike as always. The reservation is free of charge - if you do not rent the bike after having made a reservation a fee of EUR 5 is due. 

Please note: When you return your pedelec, ensure that you connect it to a charging point. These are marked for easy identification.