Call a Bike Summer Offer

By train and bike into the countryside

Call a Bike takes you to the lakes – From 6 June 2022, Call a Bikes at S-Bahn stations in the surroundings of Munich & Berlin will be waiting for you. Simply get off the train, rent a bike and spend a relaxing day at the lake with 4 Euro discount on our daily price.

Here you can find out where to find our Call a Bike Pop-up Stations in Munich and Berlin, how the rental works and a Mini-FAQ for your questions.

You are not yet a customer of Call a Bike? Well then let's go!

Where should the bike tour go?

S Bahn Linie S6 & S8

Summer Offer in Munich

At five S-Bahn stations along the lines of the S6 and S8 you will find our Call a Bikes from 6 June to 3 October 2022! It's that easy:

  1. Pack your bathing suit

  2. Register as a Call a Bike customer

  3. Get on the S-Bahn

  4. Get on a bike and

  5. Hop into Lake Starnberg-, Wörth-, Pilsen- or Ammersee after the bike tour!

  6. Return the Call a Bike to one of the pop-up stations

From the daily price of 5 €* you will automatically be credited 4 €, so you it's even cheaper than usual!

*The daily rate varies depending on the tariff.

You still need inspiration for your cycling tour into the countryside? Take a look at Komoot: The Drei-Seen-Runde from Herrsching, for example, is perfect for a varied day tour.


Summer Offer in Berlin

From 27 June to 3 October, you can also use the service in Berlin. We have opened a total of five Call a Bike stations along the S8, S3, S5, S45 and S85. Here's how it works:

  1. Pack your swimsuit

  2. Register as a Call a Bike customer

  3. Take the S-Bahn

  4. Get on a Call a Bike and

  5. After your bike ride, jump into the Müggel-, Werl-, Flaken- or Seddinsee!

  6. Take your Call a Bike back to one of the pop-up stations.

From the daily price* of €5 (in the Premium tariff), you will be credited €4, so that you are on the road even cheaper than usual.

*The daily rate varies depending on the tariff.

How it works!

Frau entleiht Call a Bike Fahrräder per App

1. Register and start cycling!

Download the Call a Bike app and register with your email, mobile number and credit card. Use the map in the app to find the next free bike at a pop-up station at the S-Bahn station.

 Per Smartphone den QR-Code auf dem Fahrrad scannen

2. Rent via QR code scan

After successful registration, you can open any of our Call a Bikes with a simple QR code scan with the app. The lock opens up on its own.

Die Pause kann einfach in der App aktiviert werden

3. Pause

Open the app and go to your current booking. Click on the "Pause" button and press down the lock lever. If you want to end your break, go to "Continue" in the booking. The lock opens up again and you can continue cycling. Please note that the time you take a break will count as part of your travel time.

Das Fahrrad abschließen

4. Return

Bring the Call a Bike back to a pop-up station along the S-Bahn line. Park it in the marked area and close the lock. Your ride is over.

Any more questions?

We have the answers!

Does the 4 € discount only apply to the daily rate?

Yes, the discount only applies if you also use the Call a Bike for a day tour, which is ideal for exploring the surrounding area. The daily rate applies when the maximum daily rate is reached in your tariff. This is in the premium fare from 4 hours travel time (including break) and in the starter fare already from 2 hours and 15 minutes (also including break).

Important: If you want to use the bike at the daily rate, please do not log it off in case of interruptions. Use the driving break for this. Otherwise, billing would start again.

When and how do I get the 4 € credited?

You will receive the credit automatically after completing your booking. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for you to see the credit in your app. You will then be charged 4 € less with your next bill for this trip. You will only receive the credit if you return the bike to a return location on the S-Bahn stations.

How do I find the Call a Bikes at the station?

In the Call a Bike app you will find the location of the pop-up station. Also note the instructions that we have placed at the stations.

Can I pre-book the Call a Bike?

We are sorry, but the reservation function is not yet available for this promotion. Please check the app in advance to see if there are enough bikes available.

What happens if I don't return the bike to the pop-up station?

If you do not return your bike to one of the pop-up stations, you will be charged a service fee of 25 €. Therefore, please always return your bike to one of the pop-up stations at the Starnberg, Tutzing, Steinebach, Seefeld-Hechendorf or Herrsching railway stations in Munich or at the Wilhelmshagen, Friedrichshagen, Grünau, Strausberg Stadt or Erkner railway stations in Berlin. You can recognise the stations by the floor markings.

Can I return the bike to another station?

You can also drop off the Call a Bike at another pop-up station. Please do not take the bike back to the city center on the train. The bikes are only intended for the summer promotion.

Note: If you do not return your bike to one of the pop-up stations, you will be charged a €25 service fee.

Your question is not listed here?

Then have a look at our general FAQ!